In the world of professional hockey, ​rumors and ‍speculations are constantly swirling around various teams, players, and free ⁢agents. As the NHL offseason progresses, fans and analysts eagerly‌ anticipate news of trades, signings, and potential roster changes. In this article, we will ⁣delve into the latest ⁣NHL rumors involving the Vegas ⁤Golden Knights, Philadelphia ⁤Flyers, Colorado Avalanche, Columbus Blue Jackets, and the top remaining unrestricted free⁤ agents (UFAs). Let’s explore ⁤what‍ the future ⁢may hold for‌ these teams and players.

NHL Rumors: Golden Knights

The Vegas ‍Golden Knights have ⁢been a force​ to ⁢be reckoned with since joining the NHL in ‌2017, making it to the Stanley Cup Final in their inaugural season. Rumors‍ have⁢ been circulating about potential trades and signings to bolster their ⁤roster ‌for another deep‍ playoff run. One name ​that‍ has ⁢surfaced in trade discussions is Marc-Andre Fleury, the veteran goaltender who has ⁣been a key player​ for the Golden Knights. There have been‍ whispers of a possible trade ⁣with the Chicago Blackhawks, which ⁣could shake up the goaltending landscape for both teams.

NHL Rumors: Flyers

The Philadelphia Flyers are looking to bounce back after a disappointing season, and rumors suggest they are exploring options to strengthen their lineup. One⁢ player who could be on the move is defenseman⁢ Shayne Gostisbehere, who has ⁤been the subject⁣ of trade talks. The Flyers are also reportedly interested‌ in adding a‍ top-six forward to improve their ⁤offensive output. Keep⁢ an eye⁢ on Philadelphia as they make moves⁣ to reshape their team for the upcoming season.

NHL Rumors:⁢ Avalanche

The Colorado ​Avalanche are considered one of the top contenders for the Stanley Cup, and rumors have been ‍swirling about potential acquisitions to solidify their roster. One player who has caught the attention of Avalanche fans is Gabriel Landeskog, the team’s captain and pending UFA. Negotiations are ongoing, but there ‍is speculation that Landeskog could test free agency if a‍ deal is not reached. The Avalanche‍ are also⁤ rumored to be in the market ‌for a top-four⁢ defenseman to bolster their blue line.

NHL Rumors: Blue Jackets

The Columbus Blue Jackets have been in the headlines recently ⁣due to the potential departure of star defenseman Seth Jones. Jones has informed the team⁢ that he does not intend‌ to sign a contract extension at this​ time, which ⁣has sparked ‌trade rumors. Several teams are⁣ reportedly interested in‍ acquiring ‌Jones, a two-time All-Star who would be a valuable addition to any roster.​ The Blue Jackets are faced with the challenge of either trading Jones for assets or keeping him for the upcoming season.

Top Remaining UFAs

As the ‌offseason progresses, there are still several notable unrestricted free agents available for teams to sign. Some of the top⁣ UFAs include:

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