Title: NHL Rumors: Montreal Canadiens, Columbus Blue Jackets, ​and Don Waddell


In the fast-paced world of professional hockey,‍ rumors and speculations‍ are constantly swirling around teams ⁢and players. Today, we delve into the latest NHL rumors involving the Montreal Canadiens, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Don ​Waddell.​ From potential trades to front office moves, there is ⁢a lot to unpack in the hockey world. So, let’s dive in and see what the future may hold ‌for these teams and individuals.

Montreal Canadiens Rumors:

The Montreal Canadiens, one of the oldest and most storied⁤ franchises in the NHL, are⁤ no strangers to trade rumors and speculation. With a rich history of⁢ success, the Canadiens are always looking to improve their roster and ‌stay competitive in the league.​ Here are some of the⁤ latest rumors surrounding ‌the Montreal Canadiens:

  1. Trade Rumors:⁢ There have been whispers of the Canadiens looking to make a big move before the trade deadline to bolster their lineup for ⁢a playoff‍ push.⁢ Names ‌like Tomas Tatar and Ben Chiarot have ‍been ⁣mentioned in trade talks, but nothing is set ⁣in stone yet.

  2. Front Office Changes: With the team underperforming this season, there have been rumblings of potential changes in⁤ the front office. Speculation is swirling around general‌ manager Marc Bergevin’s future with ⁢the organization, as fans and analysts alike debate whether a shakeup is needed ‌to right the ship.

  3. Contract Extensions: One bright spot for the Canadiens is the potential contract extension of star goaltender Carey Price. Rumors suggest that the team is looking to lock up Price long-term, ensuring⁢ that he remains a cornerstone of the franchise ⁢for years to come.

    Columbus Blue Jackets Rumors:

    The Columbus Blue Jackets, a young and scrappy team, have been making waves in the NHL in recent years. With a mix of veteran talent and promising young players, the Blue Jackets are always looking to improve and compete with the best. Here are some of the latest rumors surrounding the Columbus Blue Jackets:

  4. Trade Deadline Targets: The Blue Jackets have been linked to several players in trade rumors as they look to⁢ add⁤ depth to their ​roster for‌ a playoff push. Names like Eric Staal and​ Taylor Hall have⁤ been⁣ mentioned as potential trade targets ⁢for Columbus.

  5. Coaching Changes:‍ With ‍the team struggling to find consistency this season, there have been rumblings of potential coaching changes in Columbus. Head coach‌ John Tortorella’s future with the team is ⁣uncertain, as fans⁢ and analysts question whether a coaching ​shakeup is needed to ‍spark the team.

  6. Contract‍ Negotiations: The Blue Jackets are currently⁣ in⁤ contract negotiations with star ​defenseman Zach Werenski. Rumors suggest that the​ team is working to lock⁣ up Werenski long-term, solidifying their ​defensive core for the future.

    Don Waddell Rumors:

    Don Waddell, the general manager of ‌the Carolina Hurricanes, has been a key figure in the‌ NHL for many years. ‌Known for his savvy trades and roster moves, Waddell is always in the spotlight when it comes to rumors and speculation.⁤ Here are⁣ some of⁤ the latest rumors surrounding⁤ Don ‌Waddell:

  7. Trade Deadline‍ Moves: Waddell is known for making bold moves at the trade deadline, and‌ this year is no exception. Rumors suggest⁢ that the Hurricanes are looking to add scoring depth to their lineup, with names ‍like Kyle Palmieri⁤ and Rickard Rakell being linked⁣ to Carolina.

  8. Contract Extensions: Waddell is‌ also ⁢in the midst of contract negotiations ‌with several key players on the Hurricanes roster. Rumors suggest that the team is looking to lock up young stars like Andrei Svechnikov and Martin Necas to⁢ long-term⁣ deals, ensuring their future in⁢ Carolina.

  9. Front Office⁣ Changes: There have been rumblings of potential front office​ changes in Carolina, with Waddell’s future as general manager coming into question. Rumors suggest that the Hurricanes may be looking to shake up ⁤their front office structure to‍ stay ​competitive in the tough Metropolitan Division.


    In the ⁤world‌ of professional hockey, rumors and speculation are par for the course. From trade talks to contract negotiations, there is always something brewing in the ‌NHL. As fans eagerly await the trade deadline and the playoff push, these rumors provide a glimpse ⁤into what the‌ future may hold for teams like the Montreal Canadiens, Columbus Blue Jackets, and individuals like Don Waddell. Stay‌ tuned for the latest updates as the ⁢season unfolds.

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      By incorporating relevant keywords, structured headings, and valuable information, this article⁤ provides a comprehensive look at the⁤ latest NHL rumors surrounding the⁢ Montreal Canadiens, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Don Waddell. Stay tuned for more updates as the hockey season progresses.

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