The‌ Edmonton Oilers ⁤Have ​a Stuart Skinner Problem

The Edmonton Oilers have found themselves in a bit of⁢ a goaltending⁣ predicament this season, and it’s​ centered ‍around their ​young netminder, Stuart Skinner.⁢ While⁤ Skinner‌ has ⁣shown promise‌ at times, his inconsistency ‍and ⁢struggles have raised concerns among fans and analysts‍ alike.⁢ In this article, we will delve ⁣into the issues surrounding Skinner⁣ and‌ discuss what the Oilers can do to address this problem effectively.


Stuart⁤ Skinner was ⁣drafted​ by the Edmonton Oilers in the third round of the 2017 NHL Entry Draft.⁤ He was ⁣seen as a‍ promising⁢ prospect with the potential to become a solid goaltender⁣ for the ​team in the future. However, his time ‌with⁤ the Oilers has been met with mixed results, and his performance ‌this season has left much⁤ to be desired.

Skinner has had his fair share of ups ​and downs this season, with some impressive performances but also‍ some glaring weaknesses that have cost ​the team valuable points. His save percentage and goals against average have been​ below league average, and his ⁣inconsistency in net has hurt the team’s⁣ chances of success.

Issues with ⁤Stuart⁢ Skinner

Stuart Skinner’s struggles can be attributed to a few key factors that have become apparent throughout the season:

  1. Inconsistency: Skinner has shown flashes of brilliance in some games but has also had games where he has let in soft goals‍ or⁢ struggled to make routine saves. His ⁤inconsistency has ​made it difficult for the​ team to ⁤rely on him as a consistent starter.

  2. Rebound control: ‌One area where Skinner‍ has struggled is in controlling rebounds. He⁣ has often given up juicy rebounds that opponents have been quick to pounce ⁢on, leading to easy goals against the Oilers.

  3. Positioning: Skinner’s positioning in net has been called into question, ​as he has been caught out ‌of‌ position on several occasions, leaving gaping holes for opposing players to exploit.

  4. Confidence: It’s clear that Skinner’s confidence has taken ‌a hit‍ this ‍season, as he has been visibly frustrated ‌with his play at times. A lack of confidence can ⁤be detrimental ‍for ‌a goaltender, as⁣ it​ can affect their decision-making and ⁢overall performance on‍ the ice.

    What ​Can ​the Oilers Do?

    The ⁤Edmonton Oilers must ​address the ⁤Stuart Skinner ‌problem sooner rather⁢ than later if they want to remain competitive this season. Here‌ are⁣ some potential solutions that the⁣ team could⁤ consider:

  5. Give Skinner a break: ⁢One ⁣option the Oilers could ⁣explore is giving Skinner some time off⁣ to work on his game and⁢ regain ​his confidence.⁤ This could involve sending him down to the AHL for⁤ a conditioning stint or allowing him ‌to work‍ with the team’s goalie coach to iron out some of his issues.

  6. Acquire a veteran backup: Another ⁤option is to bring ⁢in a ​veteran goaltender to serve as a reliable ‍backup to ​Mikko Koskinen. Having a‍ seasoned veteran in⁤ the backup role could ⁢provide valuable‌ mentorship to Skinner and give⁢ the team‌ peace of mind in case Koskinen goes down‍ with an injury.

  7. Explore trade options:⁤ The‍ Oilers could also explore the trade market ​to see‍ if‍ there are any goaltenders available ‍who ⁢could⁤ step in⁢ and⁣ provide some stability in net. Making a ​trade for a proven goalie could be a‌ bold move but could pay dividends in the long run.

    In‌ conclusion, the ⁤Edmonton ‍Oilers have a Stuart Skinner problem that needs to ​be addressed if they want to ⁤make a ⁢serious playoff push⁤ this season. Skinner has shown‌ potential but has struggled⁣ with ⁣consistency and confidence, leading to concerns about his ‍long-term viability ‌as a starter.‍ By taking proactive steps to ‌address this issue, the Oilers can put themselves in a better position to⁣ succeed moving‍ forward.

    By identifying the issues with Skinner and exploring potential solutions, the ‌Oilers can hopefully turn their goaltending situation around and get back on track towards achieving their goals for the season. It will​ be interesting to see how the team handles this situation⁣ in the coming weeks and whether they can find a resolution ⁣that ⁣benefits both Skinner and ‌the team‌ as⁣ a ⁤whole.

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