Title: NHL Rumors:​ Ottawa Senators, ⁢Craig Berube, and New Jersey

Meta Title: Latest NHL‌ Rumors: Ottawa Senators, Craig Berube, and New Jersey

Meta⁢ Description: Stay up-to-date with the latest NHL rumors involving the Ottawa Senators, Craig Berube,‍ and the New Jersey team. Read on to ‍find out‌ more ​about the buzz surrounding these teams in the hockey world.


The NHL offseason is always filled ‍with excitement‍ and anticipation as teams⁣ make moves to improve their rosters for​ the upcoming season. Rumors swirl around players, ‍coaches, and ​front office ⁢personnel, creating buzz among fans and analysts alike. In this article, we⁣ will delve into the latest NHL⁤ rumors surrounding ⁣the Ottawa Senators, Craig ‌Berube, and New Jersey.

Ottawa Senators Rumors:

The Ottawa Senators ⁣have been a team ⁤in transition in recent years, looking to rebuild⁢ and develop young ​talent. One of the latest rumors ⁣surrounding the Senators involves⁢ potential trades to​ bolster their roster for the upcoming season. There is speculation that the team is looking ​to acquire a top-six forward to add scoring depth to their‌ lineup.

Players like Johnny Gaudreau⁢ from the⁣ Calgary ⁣Flames or Filip Forsberg from the Nashville ‌Predators ⁤have been mentioned as possible‍ trade targets for⁢ the Senators. These moves could provide a much-needed offensive boost for the team⁤ as they aim ​to climb the standings in​ the tough Atlantic Division.

In addition ⁤to trade rumors, there is also talk of the ​Senators ⁣looking ⁢to sign a veteran defenseman in free agency. With a young defensive core, adding an experienced⁢ blueliner could provide leadership and stability ⁤on the⁣ back end. Names like Zdeno Chara or Keith Yandle‍ have been mentioned as potential targets ⁢for Ottawa.

Craig​ Berube ⁤Rumors:

Craig Berube, the head coach of⁣ the Stanley Cup-winning St. Louis Blues, has also been‍ the subject of rumors in the NHL. Despite leading ‌the⁢ Blues to their first-ever championship in ‍2019, ‍there have been whispers of potential coaching ‌changes in St. Louis.

One rumor⁣ suggests that Berube could be ⁤on ⁢the hot ‍seat if⁢ the Blues start the upcoming season slowly. While speculation about coaching changes is not uncommon in the NHL, it would be surprising to see Berube’s⁣ job in jeopardy after his success ​with ⁣the team.

New Jersey Rumors:

The New Jersey Devils are another ⁢team generating buzz‌ in the NHL⁢ rumor mill. After⁤ a⁤ disappointing season, the​ Devils are looking to ‌make⁤ changes⁤ to‌ turn ‌their fortunes⁤ around. One of the rumors surrounding the team involves the potential trade of ⁢star⁣ forward Taylor Hall.

Hall,‍ the 2018 Hart Trophy winner, is ​set to become a free agent after the upcoming season. ​With ⁢contract negotiations stalling, there is speculation that the Devils ‌could look to move Hall before he hits the⁣ open market. Teams‍ like the Colorado Avalanche or the Arizona Coyotes​ have been mentioned as potential ⁢landing spots for the talented ⁤winger.

In addition to trade rumors, there is also talk of the ⁣Devils pursuing free agent goaltender ‌Braden Holtby to solidify their netminding. Adding a‍ proven veteran like Holtby⁣ could provide stability⁤ between the‍ pipes and give ⁤the team a chance to ‌compete in ‍the tough Metropolitan Division.


As⁤ the NHL offseason​ progresses, rumors will ⁢continue to swirl around teams and ⁣players ⁢as they‌ make moves to‌ improve their rosters. The ‌Ottawa Senators, Craig⁣ Berube, and the New Jersey Devils ⁢are just⁢ a few of the names generating buzz in the hockey world. ‌Stay tuned for more updates and announcements‍ as ​the new season approaches. Whether it’s ⁤trades, coaching changes, or free agent signings, the​ NHL rumor mill is always in ⁤motion.

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