NHL ‌Rumors: Seattle Kraken and the Anaheim⁤ Ducks

The NHL⁢ offseason is always filled with anticipation and excitement as teams make ​moves to improve their rosters ‍for the upcoming‌ season. Rumors and speculation ⁣run rampant as fans⁢ eagerly await news ​about their favorite teams. In this‍ article, we will delve into the latest rumors surrounding the Seattle Kraken and the Anaheim Ducks, two teams ⁢looking to make waves ⁣in the NHL.

Seattle Kraken Rumors

The Seattle Kraken, the NHL’s newest expansion team, made a splash in their inaugural season and‍ are looking to build on ⁤their⁢ success in the upcoming ⁢season. Here are some of ⁣the latest rumors swirling around ⁣the Kraken:

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