The NHL season is in full swing,‍ with teams like the Sabres, Stars, Red Wings, Oilers, ​Rangers, ⁢Penguins,‌ Blues, Lightning, Leafs, ‍Canucks, and ⁤Jets‌ all battling⁢ it out on⁤ the ‍ice. However, injuries are an unfortunate⁢ reality‍ in professional sports, and⁢ these teams have not ⁣been ⁣immune to ​the effects of ⁢players getting sidelined due to various ailments. ‍In this‌ article, we’ll take ​a closer look at the most recent injuries impacting these NHL teams, as⁢ well as the potential impact on⁤ their respective ⁢seasons.

Buffalo Sabres:

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