Title: NHL‌ Rumors: Top 12 UFAs This Summer in the NHL


As the NHL offseason approaches, fans⁤ and teams ‌alike eagerly await the flurry of activity that comes with unrestricted free agency. Speculation abounds about ⁤which players will hit ⁤the open⁢ market and where ​they might end​ up. ⁤In‌ this article, we ⁤will take a look at the top 12 unrestricted free agents (UFAs) in the NHL this summer and ⁤delve into the ⁣rumors surrounding‌ their potential ⁤destinations. ⁣From ⁢star forwards ⁤to dependable defensemen, these players are‍ sure to attract plenty ⁤of interest from teams looking to improve their rosters.

The Top 12 UFAs:

  1. Taylor Hall

    • Position: Left ⁤Wing ⁢
    • Current⁣ Team: Boston Bruins ⁢
    • Rumored Destinations: Montreal ⁣Canadiens, New York ⁣Rangers
    • Taylor Hall⁣ has been a consistent offensive threat throughout his career, winning the Hart Trophy in 2017-18. Despite a‌ down year in 2020-21, he is still⁤ a sought-after UFA.

  2. Dougie Hamilton

    • Position: Defense
    • Current Team: Carolina Hurricanes ‍
    • Rumored Destinations: Seattle Kraken, New Jersey Devils
    • Dougie Hamilton is one of the ⁤premier defensemen in the‌ NHL, known for⁢ his offensive prowess and strong two-way​ play.

  3. Gabriel Landeskog

    • Position: Left Wing ‌
    • Current Team: Colorado ‌Avalanche ‍
    • Rumored Destinations: Minnesota Wild,‍ Toronto ⁢Maple Leafs​
    • Gabriel⁣ Landeskog is the captain of ​the ​Avalanche and ‌a key part of ⁣their success in recent years.

  4. David Krejci

    • Position: Center ⁤
    • Current Team: ⁤Boston ​Bruins
    • Rumored Destinations: Return to Czech Republic, Retirement ‍
    • David Krejci has been a ⁣steady ⁣presence for the Bruins for over a decade, but his future in the NHL is uncertain.

  5. Petr ‍Mrazek

    • Position:‍ Goalie ‌
    • Current ​Team: Carolina Hurricanes ⁤
    • Rumored Destinations: Edmonton⁣ Oilers, Colorado Avalanche ​
    • Petr ​Mrazek ‌is a capable goalie who could provide depth for a contending team.

  6. Ryan Getzlaf

    • Position: Center
    • Current Team: ‌Anaheim Ducks
    • Rumored Destinations: Retirement, Toronto Maple⁢ Leafs
    • Ryan ‍Getzlaf ⁤is a veteran presence with championship ​experience, but ​his playing days ⁢may be numbered.

  7. Tuukka Rask

    • Position: Goalie ‍
    • Current Team: Boston Bruins ‌
    • Rumored Destinations: Toronto‍ Maple Leafs, Retirement
    • Tuukka Rask has been a stalwart in the Bruins’ net for many years, but injuries have taken their​ toll on the veteran goalie.

  8. Jaden⁢ Schwartz

    • Position: Left Wing
    • Current Team: St. Louis Blues
    • Rumored Destinations: Edmonton Oilers, Seattle Kraken
    • Jaden Schwartz is‌ a consistent scoring threat who could provide a⁤ boost to a team in need of‌ offense.

  9. Mike Hoffman

    • Position: Left Wing
    • Current Team: St. Louis Blues
    • Rumored⁤ Destinations:‌ Arizona⁣ Coyotes, Calgary Flames
    • Mike Hoffman is a sniper with a lethal shot who could help bolster a team’s power play.

  10. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

    • Position: Center
    • Current Team: Edmonton Oilers
    • Rumored Destinations:⁣ Vancouver Canucks, Winnipeg Jets ​
    • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins ‌is a versatile ‍forward⁣ who can play center or wing, making‍ him a ⁢valuable asset for any team.

  11. Phil Kessel

    • Position: Right Wing ⁣
    • Current Team: Arizona Coyotes
    • Rumored Destinations: Minnesota Wild, Calgary Flames ‍
    • Phil Kessel is a proven scorer with a knack for finding the back of the net, making him an attractive‌ option for teams in need of offensive punch.

  12. Keith Yandle

    • Position: Defense
    • Current Team: Philadelphia Flyers
    • Rumored Destinations: Detroit Red Wings, ⁤Washington ‍Capitals
    • Keith Yandle is an iron man on the​ blue line, known for his ⁤durability and offensive contributions.


      As ⁣the ⁢NHL offseason heats up, the ⁢rumors surrounding these top UFAs will only intensify. Teams will be looking to bolster their rosters with‌ impact players who​ can make a difference on the ice. Whether it’s⁤ a scoring⁤ winger,‍ a shutdown ⁣defenseman,⁢ or a veteran goalie, there are plenty of options available in this year’s free agent class. Keep an eye on these top 12 UFAs as the​ offseason progresses to‌ see where ⁢they ultimately land⁤ and how they could impact their new teams.

      In conclusion, the NHL offseason is always an ⁢exciting time for fans and teams alike, and the ​top UFAs in this year’s class are sure⁣ to generate plenty of interest. Whether it’s a big-name forward like‌ Taylor Hall ⁤or a ⁣reliable defenseman ‍like Dougie Hamilton, ⁣teams will be looking‌ to make a splash in free agency. Stay tuned for updates on where ⁢these⁢ top ⁤12 UFAs end up and how they could shape​ the‍ landscape of the league for the upcoming season.

      Remember, rumors are just that – rumors. Until a player ‍signs ⁤on the‌ dotted line, nothing ⁣is set in stone.​ But the speculation and excitement surrounding free⁣ agency are all part of the fun of being ‍an‌ NHL fan. So, keep your ear to the ground​ and your eyes on your favorite team’s social media ⁢feeds to stay up-to-date on all the latest rumors and signings in the world of hockey.

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