Meta Title:⁣ NHL Rumors: The‍ New Jersey Devils and the New York Rangers – ​Latest Trade Updates

Meta Description: Stay up-to-date on‍ the latest NHL rumors surrounding the​ New Jersey Devils and the New York Rangers, including potential trade deals and⁤ player acquisitions.


The NHL offseason is always filled⁢ with excitement and speculation ​as teams prepare for the upcoming season. Two teams that have been making headlines with trade rumors are ‌the New Jersey Devils and ⁤the New York Rangers. ⁣With both teams⁤ looking to⁢ make moves to improve their rosters, fans are eagerly anticipating what the future holds ‌for these teams. ​Let’s dive into ⁢the latest rumors surrounding the Devils and Rangers ⁤and what it could mean for the upcoming ⁣season.

New Jersey Devils ⁢Rumors:

The New Jersey Devils are coming off a disappointing season and are looking to make⁣ some significant changes to their roster. One name that has been‌ circulating in trade rumors is star forward, Taylor Hall.⁣ Hall, a former Hart Trophy winner, is entering the ‌final year ⁣of his contract and could‌ be on the move if the Devils feel they won’t be able ⁣to re-sign ⁣him. Several teams have expressed interest in Hall, ⁢including ‌the ⁢Colorado Avalanche and the Montreal Canadiens.

In addition to Hall, the Devils are also rumored to be looking to add some defensive⁤ depth to their roster. With a young core ⁢of talented players, the Devils are looking to solidify their⁣ blue line and make a push for the playoffs next season.

New York Rangers⁢ Rumors:

The​ New York Rangers‌ have been one⁢ of the most active teams in the‍ offseason, making several ⁣key signings to bolster their roster. However, the Rangers are still looking to make some ‌moves ​to further strengthen their team. ‍One name that has ‍been linked to ​the Rangers⁣ in trade rumors is winger, Chris Kreider. Kreider is a valuable​ asset for the Rangers but ⁣is also entering the final year of ‍his contract. ⁤The Rangers ⁤may look to trade Kreider before risking losing him for‌ nothing in free agency.

The Rangers are also ⁣rumored to be in the market for a top-six forward to add even⁣ more scoring depth to their lineup. With ⁤a young core of talented players, the Rangers are looking to make a⁤ push for the‌ playoffs ‌next season⁢ and are willing to make moves to improve their chances.

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