Trade Deadline ⁢Fallout: Chicago Blackhawks, Los Angeles Kings, and the Edmonton ⁤Oilers

As the NHL trade deadline came and went, teams made significant moves to ‍bolster their rosters for a playoff push or to ⁣build for the future. Three teams ⁤that were particularly active ‍were the Chicago Blackhawks, Los Angeles Kings, and the Edmonton Oilers. Let’s take a closer look at the trades each team made, the​ impact on their respective rosters,⁣ and what it means for their playoff aspirations.

Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks were looking to strengthen their defense and made‍ a big splash by acquiring veteran defenseman, Seth Jones, from ‍the Columbus Blue Jackets. They also⁤ added goaltender Marc-Andre⁤ Fleury from the Vegas Golden Knights to shore up their goaltending. These moves should help the Blackhawks ‍solidify their defense and goaltending heading ​into the playoffs.

Trade Summary:

Player Position Previous Team
Seth Jones Defense Columbus ⁢Blue Jackets
Marc-Andre Fleury Goalie Vegas Golden Knights

Los‌ Angeles Kings

The Los ​Angeles Kings were sellers at the trade deadline, looking to acquire assets for ‍the future.​ They traded⁢ away ⁢forward, ⁢Jeff Carter, to⁤ the⁢ Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for draft picks.⁢ The Kings also moved defenseman, Matt Roy, to the Florida ‍Panthers in another trade. These moves⁢ signal that the Kings are​ focused on building for the future and acquiring ​assets‍ to help their young core develop.

Trade Summary:

Player Position Acquiring⁤ Team
Jeff Carter Forward Pittsburgh Penguins
Matt Roy Defense Florida Panthers

Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers were buyers at the‌ trade deadline, looking to add depth to their lineup for a playoff push. They acquired defenseman, ‌Brett Kulak, from the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for a draft pick. The Oilers also added forward, Derick Brassard, from the Arizona Coyotes to bolster their forward group. These moves should help the Oilers strengthen ⁣their roster for a playoff run.

Trade Summary:

Player Position Previous Team
Brett Kulak Defense Montreal Canadiens
Derick Brassard Forward Arizona Coyotes


The NHL trade deadline has come and gone, and the⁣ Chicago Blackhawks, Los ⁤Angeles Kings, and the Edmonton Oilers were all active in making moves to either bolster their rosters for a playoff push or build for ‍the ​future. Each team‍ has positioned themselves well for the remainder of the season and beyond, and it will be⁣ exciting to see how these trades impact their performance on​ the ice.

Whether it’s adding a top defenseman, acquiring draft picks for the​ future, or adding depth to make a playoff push, these teams have set themselves up for success with their trade deadline moves.⁤ As⁤ the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how these acquisitions ‍pay off and whether‌ they can help propel their teams​ to⁢ postseason success.

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