Of all the options for interior window shutters, wooden shutters impart a special warmth and old-world character. The rich patina and natural beauty of real wood never goes out of style. Installing wooden shutters can add charm to your home while also providing privacy, light control and a cozy ambiance.

Wooden shutters
Wooden shutters

Benefits of Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters offer advantages beyond just attractive aesthetics:

Wood Shutter Styles

You can find wooden shutters in diverse styles to match any home’s architecture and decor. Consider what design will best complement your existing trimwork and furnishings:

Materials for Wood Shutters

Wooden shutters come in a variety of natural hardwoods, each with their own characteristics:

Caring for Wooden Shutters

Follow these tips to help your wooden shutters look their best for years:

With the unmatched warmth, detail and decorative possibilities they offer, it’s easy to see why wooden shutters remain popular interior accents. They bring rich traditional ambiance to both modern and classic homes.

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